Look closer

So often when we travel, we get caught up in the big picture.

The big temple.

The massive monument.

The beautiful palace.

But look closer, and you will see so many lovely details that get missed along the way.  We often think that it’s the big things that show best what we saw or did, but I find that close ups and details give so much more of a feel for what we saw and did.  I’ve said it before, but it’s true.  They show texture, detail…and you can imagine what it must have felt like to touch it, and sometimes even what it might have smelled or tasted like!  (You can at least imagine…)  So I love getting detail shots when I travel.

Look for colours, textures, interesting details…food, flowers, architectural details, items that are representative of or common in the culture.  All of these make for interesting detail shots that will give people a real glimpse into life in that place.

So here are some of my favourites from our last vacation…

Flowers and incense sticks ready for sacrifices at the temple.

More incense sticks…

An altar along the street…a common sight everywhere you go in this city.

More flowers ready to be placed on an altar or at the temple.

A sign at a little sidewalk cafe.

Common everyday items made interesting thru colour and texture.

Then zoom in even closer for more detail.

Even shoes can be interesting!

Love the texture of the wood on the wall of a common dwelling.

Foliage is so different from region to region and can give a real glimpse into what the place is like.  Plus the textures, colour and form make for beautiful images!

Another altar, and the sacrifices that have been left.

So go out and search for some details where you are!  Leave the link in the comments below and I’ll come check them out! 🙂


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