Wide Open Spaces

My apologies for being so absent from the blogging world.  I had great intentions of faithfully posting! 🙂  I can’t believe how busy we have been since getting home.  Life is certainly lived at a different pace on this side of the world.

I know I have promised you photos of our holiday, and I have NOT forgotten!!  They are coming…but for today, I had to share some photos I took this morning.  I went out for a run, but only made it around the corner.  When I looked up, I saw the most amazing clouds.  I quickly turned around, ran home (the extent of my run for today!!), grabbed my camera, ran back and started shooting.  I had an amazing morning shooting skies, clouds, and the wide open spaces here where we’re living.  These wide open spaces are feeding something deep in my soul…being out in nature…big skies, moving clouds, open fields…nature’s beauty.

They fill me up and restore joy in my soul.

It was a good morning.

Here are some of my faves.  Hope they fill your soul as well…

This is the view that got me running back for my camera.  I loved the cloud that was echoing the line of the path.

This is my new favourite spot.  I come here after my runs to stretch, relax and unwind.

My “stretching” view.

Then as I kept walking, I saw this bank of clouds rolling in, in a perfect line.  Again I loved how the clouds echoed the horizon and hydro wires.

I am just captivated by the skies here.  I had forgotten how vibrant and alive the skies are.

Soon the clouds were overtaking the skies, but still with lovely lines sweeping across.

Lines of cloud and stubble in the fields.

By the end of the walk, the skies were dark and stormy (but still the sun was stubbornly refusing to disappear completely).

Okay, next post is for sure pictures from our holiday (which now feels like eons ago!!).  (Although I also have some great close up photos from today too….oh well…I guess those will have to wait! :))


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