Details tell the Story

I have always loved detail shots.  When I shot weddings, I loved zooming in or coming in close to get a close up of a dangling earring, or delicate buttons, or a downcast eye with eyelashes curled, or a flourish on an invitation…the story is often in the details.  Especially in a wedding, when the bride has gone to such lengths to make sure every detail of her wedding is perfect…she will treasure such shots of the “small things” of her day.
Well, even now, when I am living overseas, and no longer doing wedding photography, I love detail shots.  Funny though, I often forget to do detail shots now…I don’t know why…’cause I love them, but I have to remind myself – “Don’t forget to get the details!”

Because details really do help to tell the story.  The “big picture” shot gives you the frame of reference, but the details give life to the story…they can show emotion, help you to feel like you’re really there, show texture and light and help you to taste, smell, touch, feel…

Anyways, here are some of my more detail-type shots from lately…not all of them are super close up, but they are not so much the “big picture”, but rather, coming in a little closer to capture smaller bits of life…

A doorway in Desert City.

Workshop tools

A bike and a gate…love the colours!

A piece of sunshine in an otherwise drab courtyard.A flower in dignified woman’s garden.I always love food shots! 🙂

Like I said…I love food shots!   I love the texture and light in this shot too.

Colourful boats at the park.

Love the symmetry and texture of this one.

So be inspired and find the beauty in the details around you today!

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