Water Calligraphy…What is it?

I was going through some of my older posts, and realized that I never posted the pictures from the park I had promised you!  I got distracted by our trip to Desert City, and forgot about the park!  But there were some things I wanted to talk about and show you, so here goes!

One of the most fascinating things that we saw at the park, were people doing what I will call “Water Calligraphy”.  I had never seen it before and found it so interesting.

It was mostly older men who seemed drawn to this activity.  They would take a huge paintbrush, and, using water instead of paint, they would begin painting characters, one by one, in rows, on the ground.  They would continue on til they ran out of room, then move over and start a new row.  By the time they finished that row, the first row would be evaporated, and they would start again.  At first, I thought it was kind of strange…”Why would you do that?” I thought…”it disappears so quickly and then it’s gone!  What’s the point?”  But as I watched, I became mesmerized watching them.  Some of the older men in particular had such a graceful way of producing the characters that it was almost meditative watching them.  They would slowly and gracefully sweep the brush across the pavement, creating a thing of beauty in front of them.  I found myself feeling relaxed and peaceful.  I would never have guessed that just watching someone create characters on the ground could have such an effect!  But it made me wonder if that isn’t why they do it…it is relaxing and contemplative…it gives them time to think and ponder and to get lost in this ancient art of creating words that are also a work of art.  I could have watched them all day long…

Here you can see the brushes they use…some have a kind of canister on them that hold water and allow it to flow out and others just have to be dipped in water.

One of the men creating his meditative art.

Proud artist.


Temporary beauty…

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