The Joys of the Bazaar

One place I always love to visit when I travel is the local market, or bazaar (depending on where you are the name changes).  I find them so fascinating…looking at what is for sale, seeing all the people and activity.  Often they are busy places, full of life and energy.  Some places have night markets, some have morning markets, some have markets every day, others only have a market one day a week…when you arrive in a location, try and find out when and where the market is, and I guarantee you’ll be rewarded with an interesting experience!  You get a real taste of culture at a bazaar…you get to see how they do business transactions…do they barter, how is it done?  Do they do a lot of shouting or is it very calm and quiet (is there such a thing at a market??).  What is for sale?  Especially at a food market, you’ll get a real sense of what kind of things they like to eat, what spices they use, you may even get to try some local street food!

The market where I shot these images was a Wednesday market…we arrived mid-morning and it was going strong.  When we left mid-afternoon it still appeared to be going strong!  There were tons of people, lots of noise…animals, people shouting, laughing, bartering, arguing, traffic zooming past, horns blaring, music playing.  This place was full of activity even though it was quite a small town.

Here are some of my faves from our time there…

You can see that this is a busy place!

There is sometimes down time…time to just relax for a bit or have a visit with friends.

Fresh vegetables…nothing better!

Donkey carts, cars, people walking…it’s all happening at the bazaar!

A friendly smile.

Get a new pail, or have your old one fixed!



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