Desert City, Part Four

Today I thought I would just post some miscellaneous photos from our time in Desert City.  Some fun ones, people photos, scenic ones…a mix of photos that don’t really fit into any category. 🙂

A scenic little back road we found while wandering.

These are the local “taxis” that will stop anywhere and take you anywhere for a very small fee.  We had a nice little neighbourhood tour on one.

These cute little girls were playing shy. 🙂

Around town…

I had some fun doing some shots focusing on movement…

I love this one…she looks so traditional and so glamorous!  Love it!

Again, the juxtaposition of traditional and modern is so interesting to me.Sitting with some new friends, eating melon, this little guy caught my eye.

And this little guy, so serious.  He wasn’t too sure about me…

This girl, on the other hand, wasn’t shy! 🙂

This sweet little thing wasn’t quite sure…did she want her picture taken or not?  Her friends egged her on and she complied. 🙂  I love the look of innocence on her face.

A lovely evening sky.

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