Desert City and Thoughts on the DS1

I recently returned from a few days away…travelling to a city a few hours away from where I live.  It is a city in the desert, so it was crazy hot!  We’re not sure of the exact temperature, but we got estimates from the locals of anywhere between 42 and 50 degrees C!  Whew!  It is a small “city”…a central area that is more city-like, with shops, restaurants, and busy streets, but as you go out from there, you enter more village like areas with local style homes.  It was so interesting walking around.  The homes are built with a courtyard or an area covered with grape vines where people can go to sit and be cool when the weather is hot.  You’ll notice a number of beds outside too…it is where they sit outside, and yes, they do sleep outside too at times!

The people too were so hospitable…we were invited into numerous homes to have tea and melon and to visit.  We felt so warmly welcomed.

I took the new DS1 with me on this trip and have been really happy with the results.  One thing that I’ve really noticed is the colour of the photos from this camera.  The colours are so vivid and bright.   It’s also been fun to have my wide angle lens have even more width because of the full frame of the DS1.  The one thing I wish it had is a greater ISO range.  As an older camera, it is fairly limited in its ISO capabilities.  The newer cameras have a much greater range.  I have noticed a fair bit of noise at higher ISO’s, but at least Lightroom seems able to take care of most of it, so it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue.  Anyways…

Here are some photos of the homes and courtyards.  I’ll post more photos over the next few days as well.

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