Dragon Boat Festival

So how do you celebrate a festival centered around water when there are no bodies of water anywhere nearby?  That is the dilemma in the city we live in.  It is a landlocked area, with no lakes or rivers to be found anywhere nearby.  So how do people celebrate the dragon boat festival?  Well, one way is by eating the traditional zongzi…sticky rice with various other fillings, such as dates, wrapped in leaves and steamed. You can see an image of them on my previous post, “New” Old Camera & Street Photography.

The other way to celebrate, and the way most people seem to do it here, is to go spend the day at the park!  I love going to the park here…there is so much culture to be found.  People congregate in small groups, singing and playing instruments, hooked up to their small amp so that others nearby can enjoy their performance (and they do attract quite the crowds!  Especially if they’re good!), people dancing traditional dances to the music, either individually or in groups, men “painting” calligraphy on the ground with water…it is just fascinating to walk around and see all that is going on.  That combined with the unique architecture and decorations of the park make it a really special experience.  I never tire of it.  In fact, my daughter and I went to the park on Saturday, and had so much fun, we returned with my husband the next day, cause we wanted to share the fun with him (that, and my battery died on my camera on Saturday, and I had come completely unprepared, so I wanted to return so I could photograph it all! :))

I thought I’d try something new today…thanks to illustrious peacock for this great idea of doing a collage of photos!  Very fun.  Hope you like it.

I’ll post more photos of the day later.  Stay tuned!

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