Asian “Hot dogs”

One of the popular street foods here are these hot-dog type things.  You can find them on pretty much every corner.   I actually have never tried one, but I hear they are SUPER spicy!  (Although you can ask for them with no spice).

Last night I visited with one lady near my home who is known for making very good spicy hot dogs.  My local friend says hers are the best.  I’m not sure what makes them the best…as the hot dogs themselves are just bought…I guess it’s her “secret sauce”.  It must be extra tasty!  These particular “dogs” were chicken meat, which kind of surprised me…although I’m not sure what I expected them to be.  They are also cut in a special curled pattern, which makes them look really fun.  The lady was very friendly and allowed me to photograph her, and we talked about whether we had these kind of hot dogs in Canada, and I said no…not like this!   I guess now I’ll have to actually try one!


3 comments on “Asian “Hot dogs”

    • No there are spices on it for sure. I’m not sure exactly what, and I’m sure it varies from vendor to vendor, but it’s definitely some sort of chili paste.

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