“New” Camera & Street Photography

I recently was able to purchase a “new” camera!  I say “new” because although it is new to me, it is not, in fact, a new camera.  It is about 9 years old, and being a digital camera, I realize it is in fact quite old! 🙂  However, as I researched this camera, the reviews seemed to suggest that despite its age, it was still a very good camera…perhaps lacking in some of the newer features, range of ISO and video capabilities, but still a good camera nonetheless.  It is a Canon DS1, which for those of you familiar with cameras, you will know is a full frame pro camera.  It is a camera I could never afford to buy new, which was another reason I jumped at the chance to buy it used.  I am really excited about this new camera.  I used to shoot medium format when I was still shooting film and shooting weddings, and have missed it dreadfully after switching to digital.  Don’t get me wrong, I love digital, and all the benefits of it, but I missed the quality of images that my medium format camera created…they were crisp and sharp in a way that my digital has never seemed to be able to achieve.  When I read that full frame digital cameras were a lot like medium format camera, I knew I wanted one! 🙂  I know that it’s not all about gear, and that creativity is the main thing, but there IS, in my experience, a difference in quality, especially between medium format and 35 mm cameras.  We’ll see if this DS1 meets my expectations…

For now, here are some of my test shots as I played with the DS1 one evening, out doing some street photography.  I thought I’d see how it does in low light, as it doesn’t have the same ISO range as the newer cameras.  I think it did alright…


2 comments on ““New” Camera & Street Photography

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new “new” or a old “new” camera, the photographer is the one who captures the magical moments. Beautiful photographs, indeed.

    Congrats on your new camera, mate. =)

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