I have realized, after looking at all my images from our recent trip, that my favourite photos, again and again, are images with people in them.  I do love night photography…I think that is fast becoming one of my favourite times of day to shoot, but still my favourites are “people shots”.  I think it’s because for me, travelling is not just about seeing beautiful places (although it certainly is part of it!), but also about experiencing a new place…and a big part of that is through people.  A kind waiter, bartering with a shopkeeper, a friendly smile…even an angry taxi driver or grouchy clerk…all these have a huge influence on how you experience a place.  And so, for me, images of people really help capture the essence and spirit of a place.

Here are some of my recent favourites…a couple of them I’ve previously posted, but I’m going to include them again, just because I can! 🙂

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