It snowed today. A lot. It was so beautiful that I had to go out. I wasn’t quite sure where to go though, but once I got outside and walked around for a bit, I knew I wanted to be somewhere with trees, out in nature, not walking the city streets. So I hopped on a bus and headed to a park about 45 minutes away. It is kind of on the edge of the city, and has a real backwoods kind of feel to parts of it. Other parts have some neat local architecture and even a Buddhist temple on site. It also goes on forever, with neat paths leading in many different directions. I have been there before, but today, it was unlike any other day. It was a winter wonderland…a walk through a white etherealness…it was simply unbelievably beautiful. I kept whispering that to myself the whole time I was there…if anyone were around me they must have thought I was crazy, talking to myself, but it was just so beautiful, I couldn’t keep it inside. It had to be expressed out loud! It felt like a gift. It was a gift.

Here are some of the images I took today. I had a hard time deciding what to post, as there were many from today that I love. But there are more days to post… 🙂

Here are two similar shots of a bridge, fog rising from the water, snow falling…just lovely.

I love the way the snow and trees lend themselves to black and white, but I also love the way colour just seems to pop in the whiteness of the snow. Here’s one that I like:

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