Day One

Well, I missed a day already!! Ha! This is harder than it seems. Life is busy, as you all know. But anyways, I DID go out and shoot yesterday morning, although not as early as I would have liked (my warm bed was too tempting!). But I did go out and had fun! I didn’t go very far, but was amazed how much there was to photograph in a very small area. You don’t necessarily need to go far from home to take interesting photographs. You just have to learn to see what is around you. As my husband said when I was showing him some of the shots I took…”I never would have taken a picture of that!” He meant it in a good way. 🙂

So, because I missed yesterday, here are TWO for today. As I said, these were both taken yesterday morning near my home. We had just gotten a bit of snow the day before, so it was lovely out and people were busy shovelling and sweeping the snow away from their businesses and homes.

We’ll see what I have for you tomorrow!


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