Digital Musings

I have been learning so much lately. I have been spending WAAAAY too much time on the computer in the process, but there is so much to learn, and it is so much fun! I have been learning Photoshop for the past year and a half, just on my own, when I have time…reading books…playing…reading online…playing…But lately, I have come across some new tools and processes that are just making me excited about what I can do with my photographs.  There is so much good information out there, and so many great tools. It’s really quite remarkable, considering the relatively short period of time that digital has been out there. I had my own wedding/family photography business four years ago, and at that time, most photographers in our city were still shooting film, and just STARTING to go digital. And now look where digital is at. It’s been an incredibly fast process of quality improvement and access to good digital tools.
Anyways, here are a couple of shots I’ve been working on lately, with my new skills learned…

2 comments on “Digital Musings

  1. Hi, Cheri, Thanks for liking my recent post. I’ve had my first look at your site, too, and I want to compliment you on this one of yours. The first (b&w) and the 3rd (sepia) are spectacular! Where are these trees? I could spend a week there! Best, Gary

  2. Thanks Gary! These were taken in two different spots. The first is on the Karakorum Highway which leads from Western China to Pakistan. It is an absolutely beautiful drive! The mountains are amazing. I love that first picture too…it’s probably one of my all time faves! 🙂 The second was taken just in a private park behind a hotel. It’s actually not that spectacular, it’s pretty “unnatural” really, as they’ve just imported the petrified trees, and arranged them randomly, but in this one spot it WAS really pretty! 🙂

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